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Join Byers Fire! 

Interested in joining Byers Fire? Byers Fire offers a number of opportunities to give back to the community, advance your career  or learn a new skill.

Interested in an EMS certification? 

Byers Fire offers multiple opportunities to gain various EMS certifications including EMR, EMT or Paramedic. While gaining your certification, you will gain invaluable experience in rural medicine. 

Already EMS certified but looking for more experience? 

Byers Fire is an amazing place to gain experience - we offer a great and unique learning environment for all certification levels. Experience rural medicine at its finest. 

Interested in Fire Academy?

Byers Fire participates in the I-70 Corridor Academy (hosted once per year) - schedule typically consists of 2 nights per week and Saturday day. Participants will obtain their Fire I, Hazmat Awareness and Hazmat Operations Certification, plus training in EMR. 

​Already have your fire certifications?

Byers is a great place to get hands-on experience.

Interested? Contact Us or Submit an Application!

Fill out an application - drop it by Station 71 or email it.

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