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Burn Permits

Contact Station 71 or the on-duty crew (Phone #720-392-5009) for your controlled burn permit. 

A poster announcing a "Stage 2 Burn Ban" with restrictions, a badge, and a QR code.

Burns permits are at the discretion of the Chief, and are subject to change day-to-day. 

​The District determines burn bans for the entire Byers area based on the highest burn ban between Arapahoe and Adams Counties. Please be advised we are currently under no Fire Ban - please see right for the posting. 

If you have a need to perform an Open Burn of any kind within the Byers Fire Protection District service area, you must contact us prior to the event. Specially trained personnel consistently evaluate fire conditions throughout our District. While an area may visually
seem safe to burn in, there may be unseen factors present that could initiate a dangerous situation.

  • Contact Station 71 or the on-duty crew (Phone #720-392-5009) for your controlled burn permit. 
  • Please fill out the form below with the information needed to approve your burn. Once received, crew on duty will give you a call on approval or not.

​Please be advised that there are different burn bans, different restrictions will apply based on the stage of the burn ban. 

Learn more about burn bans.

​Guidelines for Control Burns

You must attend (be with your fire), with a water source next to the fire at all times.

​What we will want to know:

  1.  Your Address and who you are
  2. A call-back number
  3. What you are burning and what you are burning in
  4. How long you will be burning for
  • ​Your burn permit must be approved prior to beginning your burn.
  • Burn permits will be granted between 7 AM - 9 PM.

Burn Permit Request

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