Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the closest fire station located?

Byers Fire has 2 stations - Station 71 is located at 100 N Main St. Station 72 is located at 112th and Mimosa Rd.

How do I obtain a controlled burn permit?

Contact Chief Disher for your controlled burn permit. Burns permits are at the discretion of the Chief, and are subject to change day-to-day. 

Please be advised we are currently under Stage 1 Burn Ban - please see below for the posting.

Please be advised that there are different burns bans, different restrictions will apply based on the stage of the burn ban. To learn more about burn bans, please go to - - or click the '?' icon above the question.

Guidelines for control burns -

You must attend (be with your fire), with a water source next to the fire. 

What we will want to know -

(1) Your Address and who you are

(2) A call-back number

(3) What you are burning and what you are burning in

(4) How long you will be burning for

What will happen now that the election is over?

In 2019, the directors of Byers Fire considered measures for the November ballot. The community supported Byers Fire and our future and passed these measures.

Due to COIVD19, Byers has chosen to wait on updates to our station and the hiring of 2 firefighter-paramedics, so that our resources can focus on the current pandemic and serving our community. 

In 2021, Byers Fire will begin taking bids and, hopefully beginning, construction on an addition to our station that will include sleeping quarters for our crews. In addition, we will begin the hiring process of 2 firefighter-paramedics. This will allow Byers to transition to 24-hour coverage. 

We are excited about these changes and the improvement in services for the community we call home. 

If you have questions about the future of Byers Fire, please stop by Station 71 or contact Chief Disher. 

I’d like to volunteer - what do I need to do?

Byers Fire is always looking for new members, we accept applications from both in-district and out-of-district applicants. We accept members with all levels of background and certification.

Visit our 'Volunteer' Page for more information.

A copy of our application is found by clicking on the '?' above this question. Having Issues? Contact the District for a copy of our application!

Who do I contact about scheduling education classes with Byers (CPR, First Air, Fire Safety)?

Byers Fire hosts several educational opportunities with the community each year. Please call Chief Disher for more information.


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