Fire And Support Services

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Fire Scene Investigation

Fire Scene Investigation

A delicate approach is necessary in order to minimize injury during this type of operation. Byers Fire Protection District #9 counts on well-trained personnel who are fully equipped with the latest technologies to deal with these kinds of situations while minimizing damage to both properties and humans.

Motor Vehicle Rescues

Our fire and rescue personnel are well trained to approach, analyze and understand each emergency situation with close attention to detail. That way they can quickly assess and act upon every crisis they encounter. You should feel confident knowing that should this emergency occur, we’ll be there immediately for you.

Fire Hoses

For more information regarding the services we offer please feel free to call us.

4th Annual Spaghetti Dinner

Byers Fire Protection District #9 is pleased to announce our 4th annual spaghetti dinner. We will be hosting our dinner with curbside pickup and possible in-person seating (to be announced). Tickets and more information may be found on our 'Upcoming Events' page.


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